Monthly Giving

Your monthly gift of any amount will help end homelessness for a single mother and her children.

10 Impactful Reasons to Give A Monthly Gift:

  1. Ending the poverty cycle for women and children…

    According to the Center for American Progress, more women than men live in poverty. This fact is worsened if
    women are of a racial minority and single mothers. You will be part of ending this cycle by empowering and
    equipping single mothers to make necessary changes that allow them to provide for their families.

  2. Healing children from the trauma of homelessness…

    Unaddressed, the experience of trauma from homelessness can lead to depression, anxiety, and academic
    and physical health concerns in children. You will help children be successful in school and foster healing and restoration in their lives.

  3. Staying connected to families you’re supporting…

    You can stay connected with families in our program and know how your giving has made a difference through quarterly family updates and stories of personal success.

  4. Opening up the opportunity for homeownership…

    Your donation will support Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area’s homeownership initiative which aims to end family homelessness in our communities by helping single mothers realize their dream of becoming homeowners.

  5. Offering supportive relationships to homeless families…

    Your monthly gift will offer homeless families holistic case management and supportive relationships. Neighboring builds social capital for families, offers a homelessness buffering support system to ensure that families achieve stable housing, and offers tangible supports to ensure that the family has the long-term resources to remain housed.

  6. Conveniently budget your charitable giving…

    Setting up a monthly gift through Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area is secure, convenient, and makes long-term impact. It also makes budgeting and remembering your charitable giving easy. If your budget changes, you can modify your gift at any time by calling our office at 717-635-5957 Option 1. We’re here to support you!

  7. Offer sustainable support to families facing homelessness…

    Your monthly gift will ensure the effective and vital services single mothers and their children facing
    homelessness receive from Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area remain available to our communities.

  8. Personally ensure more families are served each year…

    Your monthly gift will allow us to more effectively budget for the future making it possible for more single
    mothers and their children to escape homelessness each year through Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area.

  9. You can house a family for a number of days each month…

    $20 ($240 per year = 1 week of housing)
    $40 ($480 per year = 2 weeks of housing)
    $80 ($960 per year = 1 month of housing)
    $160 ($1,920 per year = 2 months of housing)
    $240 ($2,880 per year / 3 months of housing)

  10. Building a stronger community…

    Your monthly support offers permanent solutions to homelessness which increases the economic stability in our communities one family at a time.



Monthly Giving