Traci & Her Children


What Does “Home” Mean To You?

Home is a place where my children and I feel safe and comfortable altogether.

Who Or What Inspires You?

My pastor and every woman fighting for equality.

What Was Your Life Like Before Bridge Of Hope Harrisburg Area?

All of my family live in another country and I have few friends. My children and I were living with some friends, but the situation was difficult to maintain for long-term. I have found myself struggling to support myself and my children even though I have begun my own cleaning business and am working hard to make it a success. I work hard but never seem to be able to get ahead.

Where Do You Want To See Yourself And Family In The Next One To Two Years?

I want to grow my business large enough for at least a few employees and a company car. I want to be able to provide a home providing my children with their own space. They need stability to allow them to do well in school and have lots of friends. I want to provide financial stability for my family by saving for an emergency, paying my bills on time and still having a little to take my children on a few adventures for family fun. I see us establishing strong and lasting relationships with friends.

What Is Your Family’s Greatest Strength?   

Our unity.

In One Word Describe Your Family’s Personality?



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*Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the families.