Shannon & Children

Shannon & Her Children


What Does “Home” Mean To You?

Home means a place full of love, family and peace for my family.

Who Or What Inspires You?

My mom. She has been through abuse, homlessness all being a single mother and always loved and protected me and my bother. Now she is happy and has peace in her life.

What Was Your Life Like Before Bridge Of Hope Harrisburg Area?

Before Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area, I was homeless and stuggling. I was pregnant and working, but because of my pregnancy complications, I lost my job. My baby was born at 30 weeks and was in the NICU.

Where Do You Want To See Yourself And Family In The Next One To Two Years?

My goals for the future are to be back in college working toward a degree to establish a career for myself. I want to know that my son is home and healthy. I want to be able to have a stable home for us. I want to have stable finances and work at paying down my debt. I hope to have healthy and peaceful relationships in my life.

What Is Your Family’s Greatest Strength?   


In One Word Describe Your Family’s Personality?

Strong and loving.