Melanie And Her Children


What Does “Home” Mean To You?

“Home is the roof over my head, but really it’s having our family together.”

What Was Your Life Like Before Bridge Of Hope Harrisburg Area?

Before Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area, Melanie lost her job after 13 years of working in the field she received a degree in. Not long after she was given an eviction notice after falling behind on rent. After the notice, she gained custody of her nephew due to a difficult situation in her extended family which added another child in her care.

Where Do You Want To See Yourself And Family In The Next One To Two Years?

Melanie wants to transition to a new career and find stable full-time work. She wants to see her children happy and have the security of knowing that they are provided for. Melanie loves her current home and hopes to be able to remain there to maintain the stability and familiarity of what she and her children call home, which she loves. Her goals are to be able to pay her bills, have a place to call home and know she can provide financially for her family without relying on public assistance.

What Is Your Family’s Greatest Strength?


In One Word Describe Your Family’s Personality?

Goofballs! We can laugh through anything


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*Names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the families.