Kayla & Children

Kayla & Her Children


What does “home” mean to you?

Home to me is a place where people want to come. I want kids to feel like they can come anytime. 

What was your life like before Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area?

Before Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area, life was completely new. We had a change of state, job, people, everything changed. I had no one I knew close by. I was struggling financially and my kids and I were living in too small of a place. We needed bedrooms and a bigger space. My mom has MS and other circumstances made for a ton of changes happening in our lives. 

Where do you want to see yourself and your family in the next one to two years?

I’d like to move into a home that’s more comfortable for my children. I hope to have an opportunity to go back to school and advance in a new job. I hope to be more financially secure and have new friends. 

What is your family’s greatest strength?   


In one word describe your family’s personality?