Janine & Children



For eight long months, Janine was living in a hotel room with two double beds, three children, two of which were teenage twin boys, and working two jobs. She was trying to keep her family together and housed in any way she could. She didn’t want to call a hotel her home and she could see the toll it was taking on her children, but returning to their former home meant walking back into domestic violence that wasn’t safe for any of them. Janine was working a lot. She was parenting alone. But no matter how hard she worked, no matter how much she sacrificed for her children, nothing she did seemed to be enough to change their circumstances.

Janine asked us to share this with you: ‘‘Bridge of Hope has helped me in many ways. They brought people into my life who gave me strength to know and believe that I can do anything that I set out to do. Those people showed me that there are people who care. I want to see other people successful. When I was frustrated with the situation or something that was happening, they were always there for me to vent and always had positive feedback. When I was faced with a situation that I didn’t see a way out of, they had my back and found solutions that have been successful even to this day. In getting to know these people, it helped me see that there are good people in the world, helped me believe in myself with their positive feedback, and most importantly helped me find ways to help my children make good friends and have positive outings. They gave them a support system within the church where they can learn to trust again.’’

Janine’s been taking classes to finish her degree while she’s with us. She’s proud to say that despite having to work two jobs, help her children do school from a tiny hotel room, navigate a move to a new home (thanks to the help of her Neighboring Volunteers), and land a promotion to help better support her family, she’s been able to maintain ‘‘As’’ and ‘‘Bs’’ in all of her classes. Her sons have regained confidence and emotional health with the relationships they’ve built through their church youth group.

Many single mothers who are walking through similar circumstances have been matched with Neighboring Volunteers, have secured safe and sustainable housing, and have graduated from Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area with strong and resilient families. Every dollar and hour invested is worth it when children are housed, mothers are employed, and families are restored! You can help house a family today!

What does “home” mean to you?

My kids and grandson all living under one roof is the true meaning of home. 

Who or what inspires you?

My two best friends, Bridge of Hope, all of my Neighboring group, God, and most importantly, my kids.

What was your life like before Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area?

Before Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area I was homeless and living in a motel with my two teen sons and my toddler son. I was exhausted from trying to work two jobs to pay for our motel costs, car payments, and car repairs. I started college but wasn’t able to finish. My family told me to give up my kids, but I wanted to work hard to keep us together. I lost everything when I became homeless, but I do have one very helpful best friend to lean on. 

Where do you want to see yourself and your family in the next one to two years?

I’d like to complete my college education and find a career that offers me benefits and better pay. I want to be on the road to owning my own home. I want to see my sons healthy, happy, playing sports, and having hobbies. 

What is your family’s greatest strength?   


In one word describe your family’s personality?