Landlord and homeowner partnerships, transportation, household supplies, gas & grocery gift cards…

Our program provides a hand-up, not a hand-out; however, along the way the families we serve have physical needs that have to be supplied in order to meet their goals and reach a place of sustainability. We collect necessary household supplies that cannot be bought on food stamps such as gift cards for gas, diapers & wipes, cleaning supplies, paper products, children’s pajamas, and child friend-ly canned goods. Transportation is essential for obtaining and keeping a job for our participant families. Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area does accept vehicle donations and we have a constant need. As permanent housing is most vital to our program, we are continuously seeking land-lords willing to collaborate with us. In exchange for considering our families that may have less than ideal applications, we provide the stability of timely rental payments on behalf of our families. We are also exploring homeownership options for our families who are interested in becoming homeowners. Homeownership partners such as real estate professionals and investors can make an difference in the future of our families who want to become homeowners. 


House A Family Monthly Giving, House A Family Gala Sponsorship, Individual & Business Partners, Foundation Grants, Church/Mission Outreach

Financial support is what keeps Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area’s services available to single mothers and children in our community. Groups, individuals, and businesses can become monthly donors to Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area by Housing A Family. Sponsorships are available for the annual House A Family Gala and are a great way to market your brand/company through the event. Partner as a business to make a difference in our community together or get your church involved in funding Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area as a local mission partner. Although a majority of our financial support is from individual donations, we do welcome new grant opportunities through foundations that support our mission.

10 Reasons to Give a Monthly Gift…

  1. Ending the poverty cycle for women and children…According to the Center for American Progress, more women than men live in poverty. This fact is worsened if women are of a racial minority and single mothers. You will be part of ending this cycle by empowering and equipping single mothers to make necessary changes that allow them to provide for their families.
  2. Healing children from the trauma of homelessness…
    Unaddressed, the experience of trauma from homelessness can lead to depression, anxiety, and academic
    and physical health concerns in children. You will help children be successful in school and foster healing and
    restoration in their lives.
  3. Staying connected to families you’re supporting…
    You can stay connected with families in our program and know how your giving has made a difference
    through quarterly family updates and stories of personal success.
  4. Opening up the opportunity for homeownership…
    Your donation will support Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area’s homeownership initiative which aims to end family
    homelessness in our communities by helping single mothers realize their dream of becoming
  5. Offering supportive relationships to homeless families…
    Your monthly gift will offer homeless families holistic case management and supportive relationships.
    Neighboring builds social capital for families, offers a homelessness buffering support system to ensure that
    families achieve stable housing, and offers tangible supports to ensure that the family has the long-term
    resources to remain housed.
  6. Conveniently budget your charitable giving…
    Setting up a monthly gift through Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area is secure, convenient, and makes long-term
    impact. It also makes budgeting and remembering your charitable giving easy. If your budget changes, you
    can modify your gift at any time by calling our office at 717-635-5957 Option 1. We’re here to support you.
  7. Offer sustainable support to families facing homelessness…
    Your monthly gift will ensure the effective and vital services single mothers and their children facing
    homelessness receive from Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area remain available to our communities.
  8. Personally ensure more families are served each year…
    Your monthly gift will allow us to more effectively budget for the future making it possible for more single
    mothers and their children to escape homelessness each year through Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area.
  9. You can house a family for a number of days each month…
    $26 ($312 per year = 1 week of housing) $52 ($504 per year = 2 weeks of housing)
    $104 ($1,248 per year = 1 month of housing) $208 ($2,496 per year = 2 months of housing) $312 ($3,744 per year = 3 months of housing)
  10. Building a stronger community…
    Your monthly support offers permanent solutions to homelessness which increases the economic stability in
    our communities one family at a time.


Neighboring Volunteers from local Christian Faith Communities

The Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area Neighborhood is comprised of the Neighboring Family (single mom & her children), an average of 6 to 10 Neighboring Volunteers from Christian Faith Communities in Dauphin, Cumberland, and York Counties, and a Neighborhood Resource Specialist. You, your family (including children), and/or your Christian Faith Community can join our Neighborhood and provide relationships, tangible supports and social capital to a single mother and her children. The time commitment involved is regular monthly gatherings with the Neighboring Family for a time of fellowship and support as well as being available to share your talents, social capital and resources with the Neighboring Family as needed. Consider the “neighbors” in your life. Some are regularly engaged in your life and others are there when specific assistance is needed; however, you have them. You know they’re with you to call upon in different seasons of life. The role you have as part of the Bridge of Hope Neighborhood will depend greatly upon your availability, interests, skill set, and passions as well as that of the Neighboring family’s relationship with you.


Prepared Meals, Childcare, Moving Teams, Committee Members, Board of Directors

Without our volunteers, we could not provide the services we offer to our families. Childcare is always a need and a great way to tangibly serve (we provide assistance in obtaining the necessary clearances). You can provide prepared meals for Neighborhood Gatherings; opening your home or another facility for these groups event would be a blessing. When a family is ready to move into their new home, we rely on a team of volunteers to move her belongings as well as drive the moving truck. If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise through service as a Board Member, we have ongoing openings. Committee members can serve on our Program, Finance, Board Service, Development or House a Family Gala Committees and are not required to be on the Board of Directors to engage in this meaningful service.