Harrisburg Area

A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Neighboring to End Family Homelessness

Supportive Friendships

What is a Neighboring Volunteer?

  • Eight to 10 people from Christian Faith Communities.
  • Both men and women
  • Young and old, married with children and single
  • Willing to establish an on-going relationship with a homeless family headed by a single mother.
  • Committed as a Neighboring Volunteer for 12 to 24 months while the single mother is involved in the Bridge of Hope program and working toward financial stability. The group provides¬†social capital and tangible supports.

Can I do it?

  • ¬†If you can be a Neighbor who provides social capital and tangible supports, you can be part of a Neighboring Group

How much time is involved?

  • A weekly phone call (or even every other week) to the woman you are mentoring
  • A one-on-one activity every four to six weeks with the family you are Neighboring. This might be inviting them over to watch a movie, going grocery shopping together, or other things that you would do with a friend.
  • Attend monthly “Bridge of Hope Nights” with the woman you are Neighboring and your whole Neighboring Group. These are held on a designated night each month. These evenings strengthen relationships and provide ongoing training and support for Neighbors.

How will I be supported?

  • Four and one-half hours of training prior to meeting the family you will Neighbor.
  • The Neighborhood Resource Specialist will facilitate a “match night” to introduce the Neighboring Group and the family.
  • Ongoing support and training throughout the 12 to 24 months